Wrapping Up the Brain

VISUALIZING THE BRAIN THROUGHOUT HISTORY (intriguing post from Brainpickings)

WOW! That was an intense film! While it is still fresh in YOUR brain, please WRITE A REFLECTION and use the following to guide you. (you can also refer to our TodaysMeet archive and Tweets)

1. Try to pinpoint some IMPLICATIONS (postive and negative) of the “knowledge” acquired.

2. How did the film address the following?

 – where the knowledge come from (experiments? studies? observation?)

– how knowledge is acquired / stored (role of emotion, senses, memory, reasoning, etc.)

– problems (bias? stereotyping? faulty reasoning? assumptions?)

– how claims could affect OTHER disciplines or how they relate to the “linking questions” such as belief, certainty, ethics, technology, etc.)

Here’s a relevant TED talk I found recently: Jon Ronson, “Strange Answers to the Psychopath Test”



3. Finally, what are some ADDITIONAL questions, concerns, personal thoughts and reactions you have to any of the topics addressed? What was the most interesting thing to you and is something you might want to research further? Have you any personal connections to the claims made (example: have you ever felt, while playing sports, you were in “the zone”?)



1. Check out eachothers’ brain curation blog post assignments and make a comment on each.

2. Together, choose one of the choices listed below related to the brain, neuroscience, memory, the singularity, etc. (something relevant to the film) and post it to our TOK DP1 GROUP in DIIGO. Then, practice annotating collaboratively with colored stickies in your blog buddy groups. (If it’s a video, then you need to write in the times relevant to each comment)

***You can investigate the article by looking for:

knowledge claims made

who is making them?

how are they justifying their claims?

what are some possible issues you might see with their claims?

what are the possible implications of these findings? (pos and neg)?


Addiction: A Brain Disorder, not a Behavior Problem

Why the Film “Limitless” Got the Brain all Wrong

VIDEO: Mixed Feeling: A Bling Man Senses with his Tongue

Dr. Ramachandran’s TED talk: The Neuroscience of Being Human

Brain Culture: How Neuroscience Became a Pop Culture Sensation

Is the Internet Warping Our Brains?

The Neuroscience of Tetris

Brain Treats Unwanted Synapses Like Invading Microbes

Humor Boosts Memory

Are Smart People Getting Smarter?

Unlearning Pain

“Chemo Brain” is No Figment of the Imagination and Blog Post on ChemoBrain

IBM Produces First Brain Chips

What Do Neuroscientists Think About?

Brain Structure Much Simpler than We Thought (video included)

VIDEO: Ray Kurzweil: The Coming Singularity (plus this article)

VIDEO PLAYLIST: From the Frontiers of Neuroscience (so many to choose!)

5 MindBlowing Ways Memory Plays Tricks on You

Deepak Chopra; How VideoGames Can Promote Brain Development

How the Brain Remembers 9/11

Psychology of Good and Evil

Brain Bugs: The Glorious Imperfections of Our Brains

How to Hack Your Memory

Your Brain is What You Eat

Glitches in the Brain Also Appear in Computers

Why Your Brain Looks Like a Mondrian Grid Painting

NPR: Which is Bigger- A Human Brain or the Universe?

The Brain on Love also see Brain Takes Less Than a Second to Fall in Love

How the Brain Cleans Out Dead Brain Cells and Makes New Ones

Genius Across Cultures and the Google Brain

Beyond the Dunbar Number- Can You Have too Many Facebook Friends?

The Brain Orchestra! (includes Video)

VIDEO: Is Facebook (and Social Media) Damaging Your Brain?

Attached to Technology: Your Brain on Computers

Your Big Blue Brain on a Silicon Chip

15 Ways the Internet is Changing Our Brain

Drug Hallucinations Look Real in the Brain

MIT’s VIdeo Gallery for Brain Research

TED talk: 3 Ways the Brain Creates Meaning

The Neuroscience of the Gut

Neuromarketing- Where Brain Science and Marketing Meet

6 Mindblowing Ways your Brain can Malfunction

Oliver Sacks’ YouTube Collection- pick any one! 

Brain HUbs Boil When Hoarders Face Pitching Their Stuff

Pupil Dilation Reveals Sexual Orientation

How Our Brains See Men and Women as Body Parts

Did Your Brain Make You Do It? (moral responsibility and the brain)

VIDEO: Could we Learn Skills “Matrix Skills?”



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