Blurred Lines of Cheating

Since we’ve been discussing lying and cheating, we’ll use that topic as a springboard to explore some real-life incidents related to the perception of a growing “cheating culture” in education.

To what extent does technology (cell phones, the Internet, etc.) foster cheating? Do our assessments and expectations (standardized tests, multiple-choice exams, incentives or punishment for performance, increased competition, etc.) motivate students AND teachers to cheat? Has society embraced cheating (“cheats” in gaming, success equated with lying, double-talk, and deception)? Finally, what are the different perspectives involved? Should our notions of what is “cheating” be questioned? How could cheating in school be discouraged and even combatted? What are YOUR ideas?



This is a multi-step GROUP project involving research, inquiry, a presentation with poll, and a personal vlog (video blog).


***We will start on Oct. 11 /12 and continue the following week with the sub, Mrs. Uherek.

Cheating Quiz: 

Please take this quiz as an opener


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