Iron Chef Days


(winners will receive 1 blog pass which will relieve them from 1 blog assignment…passes to be distributed shortly. Winners in 2 categories will earn 2)

Period 6:

Aesthetics: Quinn and “Autumn’s Palette”

Smell: TIE! Zach’s Boire de Menthe and David M’s Bangkok Sunrise

Texture: Alex and “Daaaaa Guuuuaaac”

Sound: Iona and “Terre a Terre”

Taste: “Warm Alaska” by Claire

Judge’s Risktaker award: TIE! Daniel for experimentation with panko-encrusted deep-fried mozzarella and Briana for experimentation with homemade-from-scratch cinnamon ice cream

Period R3:

Aesthetics: David C and “Steak Surprise”

Smell: Justin and “Radiant Sandwich”

Texture: Leah and “Legume Paradise”

Sound: Kristen and “Tomato di Bella”

Taste: “Salted Caramel Cupcakes” by Carly

Judge’s Risktaker Award: Anna for her experimentation with coconut-fried chili shrimp

Dejeuner TOK:

Aesthetics: Nick and “Supersonic Surprise”

Smell: Makana’s “Honey I Love You”

Sound: Makana’s “Honey I Love You”

Texture: TIE: Nick’s “Supersonic Surprise” and Stig’s “Ferrarro Rocher Can Suck It”

Taste: “Feraro Rocher Can Suck It” by Stig

Judge’s Risktaker Award: Jordan for her experimentation with Mole


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