Last Class Wrap-Up: 50+ students 1-3 questions

Inspired by the thought-provoking, emotionally-charged “50 People 1 Question” videos, I thought it would be nice to create one for the end of our TOK DP1 course and your transition to your last year of high school.


1. You and a partner go outside or to a quiet area (try to be in a windless place with good lighting) and film each other’s responses with either your phone, my ipad, or your laptop webcam.

2. Have the person being filmed say their first name and how either: long they’ve been in Hawaii, where they live, or how long they’ve been at LJA.

3. Please answer all of the questions and don’t worry about thinking time…the magic is in the editing. ***It might be good to ask them out of order so the answers will seem more spontaneous.  ***Please record the interviewer/cameraperson asking the question.

4. Export your footage and email each clip to me with the file name YOUR NAMEQ1 (or Q2, Q3)

Here is the one on REGRET from Galway.

Here’s one on HAPPY from Denver

Here’s a unique one about QUESTIONS from Ithaca, NY:



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