Planning your TOK Prescribed Title Essay

Now that you have (hopefully) chosen your favourite of the 6  Essay Titles, it is time for you to start planning your essay.

We’ll be using the PLANNING DOC linked HERE and at the left-hand side menu.

There are some other important and helpful resources (see screen shot)

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 3.37.27 PM

Please do Steps 1-6 of The “STEPS TO YOUR ESSAY” 

2 Great Resources:

Ric Sims (@sharpcomposer ) is the Chief Deputy Assessor and my trainer for TOK. HERE ARE HIS GUIDELINES (includes timeframe)

also check out Tim Woods’ Top 10 Tips for Scoring High on the TOK Essay AND “How to Structure a TOK Essay” , and “How to Meet all TOK Essay Requirements”

You will be given class time in which to work on this, particularly when  I’ll be in Canada presenting, and Mrs. Uherek will be your sub. 


You can read the amazing pdf. written by Richard van de Lagemaat (author of the main TOK book and curriculum writer for TOK).

It’s located under “Essay Resources”, a submenu in the Prescribed Title link to the left

I’ve pulled out the main points and created 6 vlogs (major topics above each video) – (created in 2012)

Vlog #1: Overview

Vlog #2: Introduction, Paragraphs, Conclusion, Citations

Vlog #3: Content, Making it Personal, Definitions

Vlog #4: Arguments, Evidence, Counterarguments, Avoiding Major Errors

Vlog #5: Depth and Breadth

Vlog #6: Examples to Avoid, Quotations, Plagiarism


Consciousness: The Secret You (BBC documentary)

What exactly is consciousness and how is it generated?

To what extent can we know we exist, or who we are?

If someone is in a coma, how do we know how to measure consciousness and tell if they are still “alive”, not physically, but consciously? In what ways does recent technology assist us? (this reminds me of one of my favorite novels , Johnny Got His Gun, by Dalton Trumbo)


Parent Night: All about TOK

Here’s the annotated version:

Here is the original, more lengthy and detailed version:

Parents: Thanks for answering the #tokkailuaQ Question of the Week, No. 5

“Describe a pivotal learning experience you’ve had from a perceived failure”

Please email your vlog (short video response) to so I can compile into a film for the students

This year we are collaborating with another TOK class at the Mulgrave School in Vancouver, Canada.