Final Presentation: Individual, Free Choice Topic, Video

We have done 2 of 3 required TOK presentations thus far: one related to Language as a Way of Knowing and one free choice (any Area of Knowledge or Way of Knowing)

Your final presentation will be INDIVIDUAL – that is, you will create a presentation by yourself and for a total of at least 10 minutes.

Since presenting orally takes a long time, we will be doing this one as a video (of any sort).

Choosing your topic: One suggestion is to choose an AOK or WOK you enjoy, then narrow in on one of the open-ended questions available on the Unit Plans (which can be accessed as files in ManageBac for this course).


– How has technology changed the functioning and role of the senses? (Sense Perception as a WOK)

– Can a machine have emotion? (Emotion as a WOK)

– How do stereotypes and prejudice relate to reason? (Reason as a WOK)

– What role does remix and mashup – collective creativity and transformation – play in the ARTS?

– Are humans the only species who make and appreciate ART (including music)? How do we know?

– How does LITERATURE (ARTS) help us understand human nature?

– How should HISTORY be taught?

– What does symmetry have to do with notions of beauty (MATH)?

– How has technology affected the NATURAL SCIENCES?

– How do HUMAN SCIENTISTS identify patterns in human behavior and what are the implications of understanding those patterns?

– Does History show we’ve made MORAL progress (ETHICS)?

THINK OF TOK TERMS LIKE: reliable, belief, evidence, truth, certainty, interpretation, bias, technology…

Examples of types of videos (RSA animate-style, Common craft, stop-motion, voiceover with images or video clips, dramatic re-enactment, Vlogbrothers-style vlog, involvement of friends, etc.)


Access this G Spreadsheet for artefact types/ examples / tips from a MOOC I was in (some are films)

Access my Diigo CREATE folder

Access this “Video Styles for Projects” I’ve compiled

OUTSIDE LJA EXAMPLES (ones I’ve found, for better or worse…)


How reliable are language and emotion as WOKS?




Does the Possession of Memory Preserve Our Identity”

What sorts of Truths to the Arts allow us to discover?

How do we know what principals should be used to judge ART?

How do Reason, Emotion, and Perception play a role in justifying “What is Art”?

Should we use the science of de-extinction if we have the power to?

Where is the line between good mistakes and bad mistakes? (What knowledge do mistakes and serendipity give us?)

To what extent can an artist’s work be truly original?

What is the relationship between art and perception (cinematography)

DUE DATE FOR ALL CLASSES: Thursday, Dec. 12 by 11pm posted to blog

***late or not posted- you will need to physically come in Dec.17,18, or 19 until complete

Presentation Planning document: Check MB or access the Google doc here:

Final Videos: last day to post YouTube video to blog= Friday, Jan. 31

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