TOK Essay :Self and Peer Review

Welcome back Seniors!


In doing a preliminary review of your Prescribed Title Essays, I think it would be helpful to do a brief  Self and Peer Review.

Below is the link to the Google doc we’ll be using:

After you annotate your own essay, identifying the Knowledge Issue Questions, the thesis, the claims and evidence to support your thesis, the counterclaims to your claim, the perspectives, the AOK and WOK used, and  the significance and implications (15-20 min), you will then exchange papers with a a peer (hopefully tackling a different question than you).

That person will:

a. read the first and last paragraphs and skip the middle. Does it make sense? Do you get a good sense of what they are trying to say?

b. play the devil’s advocate – try to make counterclaims if you see a chance. Make the “yeah…but..” statements.

c. Ask the “so what?” Ask other questions, too.

d. check for a reader, are the transitions smooth? Does the structure make sense?

e. point out any glaring errors.

…and you will do the same for someone else. (20 min)


Wednesday, Jan 8 (N): periods 7, Lunch, and 5     [self and peer edit essay]

Friday, Jan. 10 (A): periods 6, 7, 5(at lunch)     [self and peer edit essay period 6; per. 7 work on revisions or film; per 5 presos]

Tuesday, Jan. 14 (D): periods Lunch, 6   [studio time to work on revisions and film ]

Thursday, Jan. 16 (N): periods 7,Lunch, and 5   [studio time to work on revisions and film; period 5 might need to finish presos]

Wednesday, Jan. 22 (A): periods 6,7, 5 (at lunch)  [studio time to work on revisions and film]

Friday, Jan. 24 (D): periods Lunch, 6    [studio time to work on revisions and film]

Tuesday, Jan 28 (N): periods 7, Lunch, and 5  [LUNCH group final party and Disruptus game; studio time for periods 5 and 7]

Thursday, Jan. 30 (A): periods 6, 7, 5 (at lunch)   [final parties and Disruptus game]