Presentation Planning


The TOK presentation is basically your I.A.

There is a specific set of criteria to address but you have the freedom to present in any way you like (common types: film, slideshow, skit, Prezi, or combination)

You may work with up to 2 other people (except for Presentation #3), but it usually works out better in groups of 1 or 2.

Each person must present for 10 minutes, so if there are 2 people in the group the presentation should be 20 minutes, with the presenters equally distributed.

You will have the opportunity to prepare 3 presentations throughout your TOK course, then choose the best to submit to the I.B in February of your Senior year:

Presentation #1 (Junior year): Language as a WOK-related topic

Presentation #2: (early Senior year): Ethics or Area of Knowledge-topic

Presentation #3: (January of Senior year): Free choice in Areas of Knowledge or Ways of Knowing (individual 10 minute film)

***You will be held accountable for all 3 presentations and must include all presentation planning docs, as well as the presentation files on your blog. Presentations will be filmed for archival purposes.


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