Breaking Down the Senses Part I: VISUAL PERCEPTION

Check out this Museum devoted to the 5 Senses


How does our VISUAL PERCEPTION help and hinder our pursuit of knowledge?

Be prepared to TWEET throughout the videos we watch today- the Tweet stream will be archived. Be professional and thoughtful. #tokkailua

Per. 6 Sight Vid Tweets

Per. R3 Sight Vid Tweets

Dejeuner TOK Sight Vid Tweets

(Interview related to above video)

BBC Science of Attraction





***We’ll be using THIS GOOGLE SLIDESHOW for an activity

Here’s a profile pic compilation in video form:

How are our Senses MANIPULATED by the MEDIA?


Symbolic Codes: Color, Objects, Animals

Written Codes: You & Only You; Buzzwords, Catch Phrases

Technical Codes Jr.: Camera Angles, Framing, Lighting

TED ED LESSON (created by Mrs. B)


Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 2.23.11 PM

How can we use AUGMENTED REALITY APPS to enhance our visual sense perception?

Augmented Reality, or AR is fast becoming integrated into our lives. One of my favorite apps is Acrossair, which allows you to find your car, get additional info about a particular place, AND (my favorite) see what people near you have recently tweeted.

Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 7.57.26 AM

Here are 40 more (often free) AR apps to check out (some are games!)

Article: 5 Reasons to Get Excited about AR in 2013

Did you always want to graffiti something and not get in trouble Try STREET TAG (see video)

I recently purchased SketchWiz, which allows you to create different types of sketchy photos or film from what your camera sees.

Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 8.03.50 AM


Optical Illusions May Help Arthritis

Are V-shaped Facial Features Threatening?

Drug Hallucinations Look Real in the Brain

Visual Media: It’s All about the Images (Infographic)

Women Recognize Living Things Better Than Guys

The Art of the Profile Picture

4D Artwork Challenges Our Brain (great images!)

Check out AUGMENTED REALITY advertisement

or this one (Angels fall to the Sky)

Related to the HALO EFFECT VIDEO (80’s dating vids- funny!)


When something is augmented, it is added to – usually to enhance its value. Digital tools make it easy to add hypertextual elements to our writing and even video. We will be using 3 platforms- WordPress, YouTube Video Editor, and Mozilla Popcornmaker (HTML5)

After watching all the videos and tweeting in class (Storified Twitter Archives will be posted at the top ), peruse some or all of the accompanying articles within this blog post. **Be sure to read the questions in the TED ED lesson I created – you can easily incorporate them in your blog or vlog.

You are asked to complete 2 tasks:

I. A personal reflection of the issues addressed in the articles you read and the videos (use the tweetchat to help). Try to include questions about knowledge itself, and how our sense of sight both hinders and helps our pursuit of knowledge. Ask good questions (open-ended). You can compose your reflection in 2 ways:

a. a VLOG posted to YouTube then to your WordPress blog. This vlog must include hypertextual elements. That means that after you upload your vlog (5-10 minutes) to YouTube, go into Video Editor and start adding pop up text (called Annotations) or even links to other videos.  (You can do more in Popcornmaker so once you get familiar with that you are welcome to use that instead). Your hypertextual elements should enhance what you are trying to say. Here’s a video to help you.


b. a regular BLOG POST on your WordPress that includes hyperlinks to other sites, articles, and/or videos to further illustrate your points. For example, if you are discussing the BBC Science of Attraction video about profile photos, you could hyperlink to several examples.


II. A REMIXED, AUGMENTED VIDEO based on Ben Beaton’s video: “The Key to Media’s Hidden Codes”. For this we’ll be using Mozilla Popcornmaker. Watch and do the interactive tutorial, then import the Beaton video in and start going.

A great example of an augmented video in Popcornmaker is Beau Lotto’s other talk.

For this I’d like you to try to find Symbolic Codes, Written Codes, and Tech Codes Jr. – you might even create your own (i.e. camera angles). Use all resources possible, as Popcornmaker pulls all types of media from all over the web.

Specs: Shoot for at least 10 augmentations of any sort..more is fine.

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 4.41.17 PM


period 6: Friday Feb. 1

periods R3 and Dejeuner: Monday Feb. 4