Blog Buddies

Much of TOK is experienced outside of the confines of the classroom, and we have a number of tools to accomplish this, as we want to keep in a “TOK Mindset” at all times.


Your class section will be broken into smaller groups called “TOK Tribes”, and your partners will serve as “Blog Buddies”, commenting on eachothers’ posts and working collaboratively both in the cloud and face-to-face.

As soon as you find out who your tribe members are you should follow them on Twitter if you don’t already AND follow, or subscribe to, their Posterous blog space so that each time they update it will appear in your Reader.

Here’s a link to everyone’s spaces:

In class we’ll be drawing 1 member out of a hat (that person is in your class section), and you will get to choose 2 other members – one from another class and one from your own.

***If there is too much disparity after we’re done I might need to adjust some groupings.

Here’s a link to the SPREADSHEET you’ll need to fill out (must be logged in to your LJA acct)

By the end of this class period you should have:

1. Figured out your Tribe members and posted on the Spreadsheet

2. Thought of a name to call yourselves (so we can get away from confusing #s) – tell me your name or post on Spreadsheet

3. Started a thread in Diigo (within the DP1 group) regarding the “Wrapping Up the Brain” blog post assignment , where you choose a relevant article or video and annotate collaboratively.

Check out this tutorial on doing that:

View on »



Posterous Blogging Help

Since you are about to make your first post, I thought it would be great to share some tutorials. There are a few tricks I’ve learned in Posterous simply by trial and error.

This year you will primarily need to know:

1. How to create a new post from the inner workings of your site AND/OR from the online version.

2. Where to log in

3. How to tag

4. How to Save, Publish, and Update

5. How to embed videos from YouTube or Vimeo, or embed other things like Prezi

6. How to upload docs, files, audio, and images (single or gallery)

7. How to comment on others’ blogs or read comments on your own.

8. How to hyperlink (this is hyperlinked to the About Posterous)

9. How to manage text features like colorsbold, underline, and itallics

This summer I create the following video for some fellow teachers.

Watch the first part, then skip over 2:14-4:23. At about 4:23 starts the “How to Post” portion, where I discuss the basics, including embedding video.



For more help on Writing and Editing: CLICK HERE

If you are interested in POSTING BY EMAIL, check this out.



If you have an iPHONE, Check this out: