What is School For?

Stop Stealing Dreams, Seth Godin.

First we’ll take this brainstorm survey:

CLICK HERE for Google Spreadsheet (per. 6)

CLICK HERE for Google Spreadsheet (per. R3I3)

CLICK HERE for Google Spreadsheet (per. DejeunerTOK)

Next, watch this TED talk video in class, then you can read the “Stop Stealing Dreams” manifesto in DP1 Group in Diigo.


or directhttp://sethgodin.typepad.com/stop_stealing_dreams/2012/03/stop-stealing-dreams-the-entire-manifesto-on-the-web-cleaned-up-html-version.html

You will be asked to highlight at least 2 parts and write questions or comments. Feel free to respond to others’ sticky notes and/or add more. Don’t forget that in order to see the sticky notes, you’ll have to open up your Diigolet. Also, be sure to make your stickies public and share to the group.

And..if you want to hear a teen’s perspective: