Instagram Challenge #2: Bestagram


In a wonderful social experiment called Bestagram, “Sports Illustrated writer Richard Deitsch asked his Twitter followers if any had a photograph of the best moment in their lives. The responses were overwhelming–get ready to cry for real”



This next TOK Instagram challenge (deadline Sept. 5) will tap into Memory as a WOK and ask you to post either:

1. an image taken at the single greatest moment of your life (in this case it’s really a #latergram and you might need to scan or take a photo of a photo)


2. a shot of the place where the greatest moment of your life occurred.

Please share a bit what the moment was and don’t forget to tag #tokkailua.

*If you’d like to participate but don’t have Instagram you can also post to Twitter.


Welcome Back: First Day of DP2

So glad to have you back, Seniors! 

1. Summer Curation

It was great seeing some of your summer posts, including curation, TED lessons, and “TOK Moments” come into my blog feed over the break. For those of you who did not get to it, the due date is Aug. 30 and everything you need to know is in Managebac. We will be exploring them after that date.

2. Reminder of Important URLS (some new)

CLICK ON THIS GOOGLE DOC for important URLS you should bookmark if you have not already. Some are new. For those of you not yet on Remind 101, please follow the instructions for this text service.

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 3.06.19 PM


As we are bringing our own devices, please fill out THIS GOOGLE SPREADSHEET with what devices you plan to bring.

4. Instagram Challenge


I am going to try to incorporate more mobile tech use, as well as visual learning this year. Instagram will be part of that. If you have an account, please feel free to participate in the optional challenges.

This week’s challenge: Post a photo if your best experience the first day/week of school and tag with #tokkailua

5. Weekly Twitter Question

This year as an extension of participation we will have a weekly Twitter chat question posted on Monday (to blog/ MB/and Remind101). I will also tweet it from my @amyburvall account with the hashtag #tokkailuaQ. Please respond in 1 or more tweets before Sunday 11pm.

This week is form the Human Sciences: “What makes us human?” (*remember to tweet with the hashtag #tokkailuaQ before Sunday 11pm)

6. Regret / Hope Videos and Voxbox

Remember on the last day of school when we recorded each other discussing our big regrets and biggest hopes? Although some clips weren’t audible, I compiled most into 2 films SEEN HERE.

This year one of my creative partners and I have started the VoxBoxED21 project (complete with G+ community and YouTube). We hope to have many schools throughout Hawaii, the Mainland, and Canada set up vlogging stations in their classrooms and have students address questions and share their voice. Some questions will be deep, and others will be “low hanging fruit”.

For our first VoxBox question, you can simply send me a video clip (landscape please) with your response to:

“What song does the first day/week of school sound like”? (feel free to sing if you dare)

7. Back-to-School-Start-of-Senior-Year Reflection Project

All of you have had amazing summers, I am sure. You probably learned a lot from your experiences (“personal” vs. “shared” knowledge). Your challenge is to find or make 6 images (at least) and compile them into an annotated video with Mozilla Popcornmaker. (hint: don’t forget you need to log in and you should try to use Firefox, though it should work on Chrome). Remember, you can add video or any other kind of media as seen in these screen shots (easy to simply drag an image from your desktop right into the project).

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 3.46.32 PM

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 3.46.42 PM

The FIRST 3 IMAGES should be related to your summer experience. The SECOND 3 IMAGES SHOULD REPRESENT: a. where you’ve been, b. where you are now; c. where you are headed. These can be as abstract or literal as you like.

Finally, augment your film with pop up texts explaining your images and why they are relevant. You can add music, too (via Soundcloud).

***please keep in mind we will be sharing with the class and I might share these with Mozilla, since they have asked me to be a part of their Webmaker program.

TIME FRAME: Ideally you could get this completed by the end of Class #1, but if you don’t please be ready to present during Class #2 (post link to blog).

8. “Shared vs Personal Knowledge” Stop Motion film Project

The IB has just revised the TOK curriculum (added 4 more WOKS!) and made an emphasis on “shared” versus “personal” knowledge (see green board in the classroom.



I’d like you to think about those and choose 1 lesson to teach via a stop-motion animation film. You can choose a life lesson or an academic lesson (perhaps from your favorite DP course), or perhaps even something you learned over the summer. Work with a partner or alone.

The key to stop-motion is simplicity. Here are some examples from a group of teachers I worked with this summer:

There are many ways to create stop-motion with various materials, as seen here:

Materials: I have post-its, markers, paper, magazines, and some Play-Doh…but be creative and use anything- even food, humans, or leaves!

Suggested Apps: VineStopMotionStudioHD by CateaterMyCreateStopMotionCafeiMotionHDStopMotionRecorderStopMotionCameraSmoovieBoinx iStopMotion, even iMovie (import stills and make all the same short frame rate). ***most are free, or $.99 and can be on your iPhone as well.

For Android, try GifinatorStopMotion Lite (GooglePlay)Vine for Android

Here are more choices:

Production Suggestions: Definitely include music and perhaps even a voiceover. Copyright free music can be found within iMovie or at Jamendo OR better yet, upload your video (or multiple Vines) to YouTube, then go to and choose some cool copyright-free audio tracks there. You can even splice video clips together.)

Post-Production: You will need to upload to your school YouTube channel as “Public” or “Unlisted” (not Private) and post to your new TOK blog to be ready to share.

TIME FRAME: You will have Class #1 and #2 to think and plan. Class #2 and #3 to work on it, and we present class #4.

due Aug. 27 for period 6

due Aug. 29 for periods 7, LDN Lunch peeps, AL5 Lunch peeps

Samples of Stop-Mo:

Here’s a student example using paper:

And another using a variety of materials:

One using human bodies and a LOT of planning:

And a 3-D one:

One of my favorites (specs at the end)

9. Looking Ahead


This year you will be busy in TOK but basically finished in mid-February.

You will be responsible for 2 more TOK presentations (one being a video). They will be free choice as far as what real-life issue you choose and what knowledge question you focus on, but they cannot be from the same discipline. You will get to choose the best of the 3 IAs (so, last year’s Language presentation and this years’ presentations).

In early September the IB releases the 6 TOK “Prescribed Title Essay Questions”. You will be choosing one and writing a 1400-1600 word essay with very specific requirements. It is not timed, and you will get feedback from me in order to revise.  The goal is to have the first draft complete by mid-November and finish all revisions by the end of January. In February we meet individually for about 45 minutes per student to fill out all the paperwork and submit your IA plus essay.

As always, you course grade for LJA is based on your participation in the class and your work (all posted to your blog). The iB assigns a letter grade (A,B,C,D, E) based on the points you earn on your externally-marked essay (67%) and your IA presentation (33%). The points you earn from the grade the IB assigns in the summer will be added to your overall scores for the Diploma (*reminder – doing well in TOK can make a huge difference, if for example, you are only 1 point away from the Diploma).