Summer Post #12: What Makes the Best Photo?

Some interesting analytics led social scientists to make predictions as to what makes the most powerful photograph on social media.

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Breaking Down the Senses Part II: TOUCH and HEARING




Why PLACEBOS WORK – How perceptions of price affect the Placebo Effect

BBC Series Touch and Vision: Part 1  Part 2  Part 3   Part 4



Kissing Device Sends Long-Distance Smooch

Gene Tweak Opens Sensory Black Box

10 Psychological Effects of Nonsexual Touch

Art Installation: Marrying the Best Fairy Tale Kiss

The Body Language of Touch (multi-cultural perspective)

Hands-On Research: The Science of Touch (includes video)

Dating with Science – Touch!

Touch Illusions

Touch and Technology: The Cutting Edge of Haptics

VIDEO: Surround Haptics – Immersive Tactile Experiences

VIDEO: 4 D Movies 

Part II: Our Auditory Sense

Juliun Treasure: The 4 Ways Sound Affects Us

What is Up with Noises? (The Science of Sound) by Vi Hart

How Your Ear Works

Juliun Treasure: Why Architects Need to Use Their Ears

5 Ways to Listen Better

This video also introduces the “Secret Senses”!

Acoustics in Classrooms


The World’s Largest Natural Sound Archive

The Cocktail Party Effect

Wired for Sound: Music and the Brain

How does Sound Affect our Creativity?

Make the City Sound Better (Sound Artistry)

History of Sound (Acoustic / Electric / Digital)

Beethoven’s Deafness Influenced His Music (Study)

Does Sound Influence Taste?

McLuhan’s Medium is the Message: A Kitchen Sink of Sound

Opsound Sound pool – a Sound Art blog


We will be watching and discussing many of the videos in class, and you will be expected to TWEET in the backchannel as you process what is happening in the film or TED talk. The tweet chat will be archived here.

On your own time you will need to explore the other related links and react to them. Because you are also working on your color project, we will try something simple and more brief:

1. Choose 6 articles to peruse for each category (Touch and Sound) -so, a total of 12.

2. Respond to them with a 1 sentence summary of what they are about (how would you synthesize what they are discussing into one succinct and informative sentence?

3. Write 1 question you have that emerged from each reading.

4. Finally curate 1 article or video related to EITHER sound or touch and post to your blog post, also providing a 1 sentence summary and 1 question.

TOTAL sentences= 13, TOTAL questions = 13

DUE: February 21 for period 6; Feb. 22 for all other classes