TOK Course Tools

Throughout this course we will use a variety of tools for course management and creation.

Examples (not exhaustive)

Posterous blogging platform (individual and class blog spaces)

ManageBac (recording grades / posting assignments – all linked back to blog)

Remind101 (communication via text)

email (with school Google Acct)

Twitter (for research and backchannelling)

TodaysMeet (for backchannelling)

Diigo (social bookmarking and collaboartive annotation)

Screencast tools (Quicktime, Explain Everything, Screenr, Screenchomp)

Tridacer (for brainstorming and social polling)

Google Docs (for spreadsheets, forms, etc.)

Prezi (presentation tool)

WIX (web site creation)

dslja and TILLTOK blogs (for creation and participation in a learning community)

YouTube (for annotating, posting, and viewing videos)

iMovie or WeVideo (video creation)

Themeefy (digital newspaper)

TED ED (for lesson creation)

Thinglink (hypermedia images)

Learnology site (for collaboration with an Australian school)

Socrative (for instant response via mobile device)

smartphones or iPads (for recording for vlogs, etc.)


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