Our Emotionally Vague Results

Here’s our word clouds from the Emotionally Vague survey.

















Equilibrium: A Dystopia Sans Emotion

What if there were a world that was afraid of human emotion, blaming feelings for all of humanity’s ills, then attempting to anesthetize the population? You’ve seen this theme in dystopian novels such as Brave New World and Nineteen Eighty-Four, and to some extent in the Matrix films. Another film (2002), “Equilibrium”, shows what life would be like if we tried to keep feelings at bay with drugs and destroy all emotional provocations such as art and literature, censoring items for “Emotional Content” and branding those who do not comply “Sense Offenders”.

READ THE ENTIRE PLOT SUMMARY HERE: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0238380/synopsis

Here is one of the opening scenes (sorry about the Spanish subs):

In this poignant scene, Cleric (who has been laying off the Prozium) realizes he is experiencing emotion. It makes us question what it means to be human.

In this scene Cleric fools the power that be and runs home to check on his Prozium supply, only to discover that his own son has not been taking Prozium since his mother was convicted of being a Sense Offender and subsequently executed. He gets to see “Father” and has his emotions tested…only to be in for a surprise.

One of the final scenes- The “Father” taunts Cleric into questioning his morality now that he can feel. Is killing someone else who can feel really “worth the price”?

Emotion Gallery Wix Website Project


We are surrounded by expressions and manifestations of emotion. In this unit project, you will have the opportunity to be a museum gallery curator of sorts, and collect and reflect on various multi-media elements related to a particular emotional themes.

This document explains everything as well as includes samples:


We’ll be using Wix, a free website creation service tool. In the past year they have offered the opportunity to build HTML5 sites, as opposed to the usual Flash-based sites. I HIGHLY recommend doing this, even though there are fewer features. The interface is simpler and it’s just much more user-friendly.

Here is My Quick and Dirty Wix Tutorial Resource Sheet:



Thursday, May 16: period 6

Friday, May 17: Lunch TOK (all) and period 3

***ideally each person will have a chance to present their site briefly, giving the structural overview and perhaps showing a few highlights. We might also do a peer critique asynchronously.